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When you want a range of items on your cheese board, but only to include cow's milk cheeses, this is the collection! You get the creaminess of Brie bursting with mushroomy flavors, the aged gouda with butterscotch notes & crunchy flavor crystals (actually Tyrosine crystals that are part of the aging process), and the mildest of blue cheeses, Gorgonzola with its salty and tangy flavors (add a dollop of preserves to a chunk of this Italian Stallion for the perfect bite!). This box comes packed with individual items for the recipient to assemble the perfect board. 

3 Cheeses (1.5lb) Gorgonzola / Aged Gouda / Brie
1 - 2oz Underground Meat salumi (Wisco Old Fashioned)
1 - 2oz La Quercia Prosciutto
1 - 4oz Marcona Almonds
1- 8.25oz jar Little Figs Quince Rosemary Preserves
1 - 6oz box Rustic Bakery Crackers

Serves 8-10 people. 

Three Little Figs
 is dedicated to the creative use of quality ingredients with a focus on flavor and sustainability. Small batch gourmet jams and preserves from Portland, Oregon that are great for cheese plates and charcuterie boards! Quince Rosemary Preserves is spreadable quince paste in a jar! Organic quince and raw wildflower honey give a delicate floral top note, while rosemary provides an herbal finish. 

Underground Meats 
Located in the heart of south central Wisconsin, where some of the nation’s most quality pasture-raised heritage pigs and goats are farmed, Underground Meats has a competitive advantage in sourcing local, humanely-treated, and quality animals. The density of small-scale inspected slaughtering facilities speaks to the competitive supply market for our product, vibrancy of the meat processing industry in Wisconsin, and the focus on small scale humane operations. 
Wisco Old Fashioned is Underground's Twist on a Wisconsin cocktail tradition: The Brandy Old Fashioned. We use heritage pork with allspice, brandied cherries, orange peel and a hint of red chili to produce a salami with bright flavors and subtle sweetness.


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