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Since the cheese shop opened in 2017, these four cheeses have repeatedly been our customers favorites. Barely Buzzed is an American Original - hand-rubbed with the “Beehive Blend” from Colorado Legacy Coffee Company, which is the cheesemakers’ brother.  Lavender buds are ground with the coffee. Sounds odd, but it works (another perfect bite) to create a full-bodied cheese with notes of butterscotch & caramel and a smooth textureCana de Cabra is a soft-ripened cheese made from pasteurized goat's milk, in Murcia, Spain. This cheese is similar to the French Bucheron; creamy, buttery, mild and delicious with a bloomy rind and semi-soft texture. Manchego is made in the La Mancha region of Spain from the milk of sheep of the manchega breed. Its distinctive nutty flavor is its trademark. English Wensleydale is light and creamy with a hint of sharpness and blueberry sweetness. This box comes packed with individual items for the recipient to assemble the perfect board. 
Serves 10-15pp

4 cheeses (2lbs total)
Barely Buzzed (cow)/ Cana de Cabra (goat)/ Manchego (sheep) / Wensleydale Blueberry (cow)
1 - 8oz bag Nita Crisp Flatbread crackers
1 - 4oz Marcona Almonds

Nita Crisp Crackers are named after Nenita Pellegrino who modified a recipe to make a crispier and healthier cracker. All natural ingredients, baked in small batches, hand cut and hand packaged. 

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