Assemble and create your own fabulous spread of cheeses & meats on your own board and look like a total entertaining pro with your friends. Or upgrade your refrigerator snacks and have a gourmet treat when the midnight cravings strike. 

This is a box shipped to you containing cheeses, cured meats and extras like jams, almonds, fruit, crackers. Choose from speciality cheese & meat box sets to create the perfect board the way you like it in your own home.

Place your order and have it shipped anywhere in the USA.

Cheeses are wrapped in 2-ply premium cheese storage paper that simulates the environment of a cheese cave and allows the cheese to breathe. Other accompaniments are wrapped in bubble wrap.

The order is shipped in an insulated FDA compliant and leak resistant thermal lined shipper inside a corrugated box. This system preserves freshness and quality for 48+ hours with the addition of 2 single-use cold packs.