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A true visual treat and gastronomic delight for a crowd! When you are having a gathering of friends and family or you want to send a foodie a grand gift, this is the box. With a mix of cow, goat and sheep milk cheeses, meats and accompaniments, everyone's taste buds will be dancing!  This box comes packed with individual items for the recipient to assemble the perfect board. 

5 cheeses (2.5 lbs total)
1 8oz La Tur, Humbolt Fog, Taleggio, Gruyere, Manchego
2 - 3oz La Quercia proscuitto
2 - 2oz Underground Meats Soppressata & Black Garlic salami
1 - 5.3oz box Raincoat Crisps 
1 - 7.5oz box Urban Oven Olive Oil Crackers
1- 9.25oz jar Three little Figs Balsamic & Fresh Fig Jam
Marcona almonds
Raaka chocolates

Serves 15-20pp

La Tur - a soft-ripened, dense, creamy blend of pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milk from Caseficio dell'Alta Langa in the Alta Lange region of Italy with oozing edges and a moist cakey interior. The soft, moist bloomy rind is completely edible, and a delicious part of the cheese.
Humbolt Fog - Cypress Grove’s Northern California creamery from local goat’s milk and lightly aged. Pungent runny shell. 
Taleggio - meaty, nutty, fruity interior w/pudding texture.
Gruyere - cave-aged swiss. sweet & nutty. 
Manchego - Spain’s most famous cheese. Manchega breed sheep milk.

Three Little Figs
 is dedicated to the creative use of quality ingredients with a focus on flavor and sustainability. Small batch gourmet jams and preserves from Portland, Oregon that are great for cheese plates and charcuterie boards! Balsamic & Fresh Fig Jam brings out the flavors of most artisanal cheeses making it an essential addition to any cheese. It's your new BFF! 

Substitutions may occur. 


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