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1 800ml bottle - Bloody Revolution, Everything Bagel Bloody Mary Mix
1 375ml bottle - Prairie Organic Cucumber Vodka
1 jar Roots Kitchen & Cannery Curried Carrot Pickle- Bozeman, UT
1 bag Henning's Two-toned Cheese Curds
1 2oz Underground Meats Black Garlic Salami
Gordal Olives

Bloody Revolution From Austin, Texas comes a nothing-else-needed Bloody Mary Mix that’s as great for cocktails as it is for cooking. This mix is loaded with white and black sesame seeds, minced garlic, minced onion, poppy seed, pretzel salt and a blend of other complimentary spices. Get ready for an explosion of delicious, chunky, savory seasonings that transforms the fully loaded into Bloody Mary goodness.

Started in 2009 by Johnny Hunter. You can count on Underground Meats for quality ingredients sourced from heritage animals, ethical practice, traditional aging methods and Wisconsin pride.  What is black garlic? Slowly caramelized whole heads of garlic so the cloves turn black resulting in a rich flavor that infuses the meat.

Roots Kitchen & Cannery was founded in 2012 with the mission of crafting a delicious and unique range of canned goods using locally sourced fruit and produce. These surprising pickled carrots have just the right balance of spice and tang for a crunchy snack that can't be beat.

n 1914, after completing a six week dairy short course in Madison, WI, Otto and Norma Henning made a decision to purchase a rural hometown cheese factory. The rest is history and 100 years later, they are still making award winning cheese, including these two-toned cheese curds.

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