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1 - 375ml Marble Distilling Company, Crystal River Moonlight EXpresso Liqueur
1 - 12oz bag Bonfire Roasters, Garage Blend, Whole Bean Coffee
2 - Colorado Artist Handmade ceramic coffee mug 

Marble Distilling Company, Crystal River Moonlight EXpresso is a modern take on an old world recipe. Inspired by the Italian craftsmen who worked long hours in the Marble quarry, Moonlight EXpresso is a complex dark roasted coffee liqueur that blends locally roasted dark coffee beans and Ugandan vanilla beans with a touch of sweetness. If it was enough to keep the workers of Marble working through the wee hours, it’s more than enough for you. Marble vodka pictured not included. 

Bonfire Roasters & Craft Coffee in Carbondale, Colorado small batch roasts the beans used in this liqueur. Their 
quest is to consciously and ethically source the highest quality coffees, and benefit every community involved, from farm to your cup. 

Roberta Hawks, ceramist of Hawks Ridge Pottery studio based in Craig, Colorado creates pottery for everyday living. These cups are no exception with a custom glaze to withstand hot and cold beverages. Dishwasher safe. Cup mouth is 3" diameter and 3" tall.

Official Morning Dude Cocktail Recipe 

  • 3 oz. Moonlight EXpresso 
  • A splash of heavy cream 
  • A shave of dark chocolate or chocolate donut hole

Fill rocks glass halfway with ice before layering the cocktail. Then, pour Moonlight EXpresso over ice followed by a skosh of heavy cream and a shave of dark chocolate.

Also try substituting heavy cream for almond milk to create the lactose-free and gluten-free Crunchy Dude, or add a topper of Marble Vodka for the Dude Abides.

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