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When you want a little some'm some'm before dinner or if you want to send the perfect bite in a box...this is it! Box contents: salty (Cabot cheddar) & sweet (preserves), crunchy (crackers), creamy (Mouco Camembert) and delightful (the perfect bite!). This box comes packed with individual items for the recipient to assemble the perfect board. 

-2 cheeses (.75 lb total) (Cabot Clothbound Cheddar/Mouco Camembert)
-1 9.25oz jar Three little Pigs Quince Honey Rosemary Preserves
-1 8oz bag Nita Crisp Flatbread Crackers
-$6 Add 1 2oz Underground Meats cured meat stick 

Serves 4-6pp

Mouco Camembert - firm w/creamy texture, tangy notes & edible rind. Made using cow's milk sourced from Colorado. Their cheese making values dictate that there will never be any artificial colors, additives, or preservatives added. 

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar - Jasper Hill Farm and Cabot Creamery, both in Vermont, came together for a revolutionary collaboration. They coat the young cheese in lard and add an additional layer of cloth. It is approachable but complex natural-rind, bandaged cheddar with a crumbly texture and nutty aroma. The flavor is deeply savory and slightly tangy with caramel sweetness to the finish.

Three Little Figs
is dedicated to the creative use of quality ingredients with a focus on flavor and sustainability. Small batch gourmet jams and preserves from Portland, Oregon that are great for cheese plates and charcuterie boards! Quince Rosemary Preserves is spreadable quince paste in a jar! Organic quince and raw wildflower honey give a delicate floral top note, while rosemary provides an herbal finish. 

Nita Crisp Crackers are named after Nenita Pellegrino who modified a recipe to make a crispier and healthier cracker. All natural ingredients, baked in small batches, hand cut and hand packaged. 

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