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Do you have someone in mind that you want to send a gift that is different and memorable? These boxes arrive loaded with curated items that go together either in a cocktail set or a foodie box. Each choice will delight as it arrives in a sleek, black box and packed with love!

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        1 x 375ml Marble Distillery Vodka1 x 750ml Bloody Revolution Bloody Mary Mix1 x 8oz Losada Gordal Olives from Spain1 x 12oz Tillen Farms Dilly Beans or Pickled Asparagus1 x 3.5oz Stirrings Bloody Mary Rimmer1 x 8oz Wisconsin Farms Cheese curds1 x 2oz Underground Meats Salumi1 x Chomps grass-fed, grass finished beef stick1 x 9oz Sweet & piquant pepper sweeties*Colorado alcohol laws restrict shipping to certain States. Please refer tothe FAQ's page to find out if you are lucky. We also deliver locally within15 miles of Meeker or pick up directly from the store.

        THE SOIREE

        Say hello to a food and wine lovers dream gift! This sleek, black, reusable corrugated gift box is loaded with goodies to nosh on over the Holidays, a bing-watching movie marathon, championship game, bridal shower, honeymoon, or a simple camping excursion. Time to wine down ;) 2 x 750ml bottles of wine (your choice white, red or sweet).  4 x Cheeses. 3 x Meats. 2 x Types of crackers.  1 x bar of artisan chocolate.  1 x nugget of Mayana chocolate.  1 x 8oz jar of fruit preserves.  1 x 4oz jar of mustard.  Brittle.  Caramels.  Denver Chip Company potato chips.      


        Savor this yum! BAM what?! This covers all the good things in life and makes quite the gift. Customization available for allergies or love of a specific cheese! Goodies arrive in a sleek black reusable corrugated box (14" x 9" x 4" dimension). 1 x box Raincoat crackers. 1 x 2oz Underground Meats Saucisson Sec salumi. 1 x 4oz container Marcona Almonds. 1 x 8oz wheel Colorado Mouco Camembert cheese. 1 x 5oz piece Barely Buzzed Beehive Estate cheese. 1 x Chocolate bar. 1 x Jar Preserves.


        LET'S CELEBRATE SOMETHING! This sexy, sleek, black reusable box comes loaded with all the essentials for eating and drinking well.1 x bag of crackers. 1 x 8oz jar of jam. 1 x 4oz jar of mustard. 4 x cheeses. 2 x meats. Brittle. Caramels. 4 x cans or bottles of beer (specify IPA, dark beer, or light styles). 


        You will be transported to a "Higher State" of mind with this 100% Colorado-made gastronomical box. It embodies and includes all things Colorado from the local wheat grown to make Nita Crackers, to San Juan mustard seed, to pork in Elevation Meats Salumi and the cow & goat milks used in the local cheeses. Savor this yum! Some things may be substituted for other Colorado products depending on availability. Beer is not included in the online picture.  *please note by Colorado law, we can not ship alcohol within the State of Colorado. We will be happy to substitute other items for the canned cocktail, beer and coffee liqueur. Alternatively, pick up directly from the store instead of shipping.  2 x 12 oz your favorite Colorado Beer of Choice*1 x 2.75oz The Good Crisp Company Cheese Balls 1 x 6oz Enstrom Dark or Milk Chocolate Toffee1 x 5oz Nita Crisp Crackers 1 x 5oz San Juan Cherry Habanero Mustard 1 x 6oz Elevations Meats salumi1 x 4.4oz Mouco Camembert1 x 4oz Haystack Goat Cheese1 x 4oz Denver Chip Company Potato Chip1 x 3oz On the Tap Pretzel

        GIFT CARD

        Lucky you! Send a gift card and support local businesses! Purchasing a gift card online? It's good for ONLINE purchases only. Call us to send a gift card or have your special someone pick it up in-store.  

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