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Do you have someone in mind that you want to send a gift that is different and memorable? These boxes arrive loaded with curated items that go together either in a cocktail set or a foodie box. Each choice will delight as it arrives in a sleek, black box and packed with love!

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        The classic dry martini begins with a London-dry gin and vermouth. Add unique flair by custom stuffing Spain's rich and meaty Gordal olives with Salemville's award winning blue cheese. Boomsauce martini!


        1 x 800ml bottle - Bloody Revolution, Everything Bagel Bloody Mary Mix. 1 x 375ml bottle - Prairie Organic Cucumber Vodka. 1 x jar Roots Kitchen & Cannery Curried Carrot Pickle- Bozeman, UT.   1 x bag Henning's Two-toned Cheese Curds. 1 x 2oz Underground Meats Black Garlic Salami. Gordal Olives.  Bloody Revolution From Austin, Texas comes a nothing-else-needed Bloody Mary Mix that’s as great for cocktails as it is for cooking. This mix is loaded with white and black sesame seeds, minced garlic, minced onion, poppy seed, pretzel salt and a blend of other complimentary spices. Get ready for an explosion of delicious, chunky, savory seasonings that transforms the fully loaded into Bloody Mary goodness. Started in 2009 by Johnny Hunter. You can count on Underground Meats for quality ingredients sourced from heritage animals, ethical practice, traditional aging methods and Wisconsin pride.  What is black garlic? Slowly caramelized whole heads of garlic so the cloves turn black resulting in a rich flavor that infuses the meat. Roots Kitchen & Cannery was founded in 2012 with the mission of crafting a delicious and unique range of canned goods using locally sourced fruit and produce. These surprising pickled carrots have just the right balance of spice and tang for a crunchy snack that can't be beat. n 1914, after completing a six week dairy short course in Madison, WI, Otto and Norma Henning made a decision to purchase a rural hometown cheese factory. The rest is history and 100 years later, they are still making award winning cheese, including these two-toned cheese curds. *Colorado alcohol law's restrict shipping to certain States. Please refer to the FAQ's page to find out if you are lucky. We also deliver locally within 15 miles of Meeker. 


        1 x 375ml bottle of Marble Distilling Co. Vodka. 2 x  Hammered Copper Mugs.   4 x  250ml bottles Q Drinks Ginger Beer. Carbondale is the location, but Marble Distillery’s roots are just up the road in Marble, Colorado. Population - 100, Marble is but a ghostly glimpse of its heyday in the early 20th century; when it was a bustling town of several thousand playing a pivotal role in the architectural history of America. Skillful workers from around the world quarried, hauled and carved massive blocks of marble for the Lincoln Memorial, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and other inspiring monuments and buildings that dot the national landscape. Today the Yule Marble Quarry yields the highest quality marble of metamorphosed limestone in the world, making it the perfect, all natural filtration system for Marble Spirits. The water in Marble spills from the headwaters of the Crystal River.  Pristine and, naturally, marble filtered, this water was the inspiration for our Marble spirits. Marble vodka is made with an original blend of all natural Colorado grains. Wheat and malted barley is distilled in an old fashioned copper pot still to ensure purity and clarity. It is the only vodka filtered through crushed Yule marble giving it a soft, creamy nose with a smooth, luxurious finish to create a unique Colorado vodka. Q Ginger Beer is a mixer and a mixer only – it is spicier, more carbonated and less sweet. Key ingredients: Ginger, Agave, Cardamon/Coriander, Chili Pepper, Lim and extra carbonation. No corn syrup!  Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Hammered Set of 2.  100% copper mug inside and out (no plating!) with a hammered finish and brass handle are hand-made exclusively for Moscow Mule drinks and other mixed cocktails. 


        1 x  750ml The Botanist Gin. 4 x 187ml Q Drinks Indian Tonic Water (more bitter/little sweeter). 1 x Denver Chip Company original potato chips. 1 x  4oz Jose Gourmet Portugal Sardines in olive oil.  The Botanist is a Gin of layered complexity. Wild. Foraged. Distilled. The first and only Islay dry gin. 22 hand-foraged local botanicals delicately augment nine berries, barks, seeds and peels during an achingly slow fermentation. Apple mint, creeping thistle, gorse, juniper, water mint, thyme, wood sage, bog myrtle, lemon balm, hawthorn, and sweet chamomile are among the 22 botanicals which make The Botanist.Every lover of Gin and Tonic knows that a premium gin requires a premium tonic water. The Botanist is a great gin and therefore deserves an appropriate tonic water. Q Drinks Indian Tonic Water has sharp flavor and high carbonation, so it doesn’t get lost in your drink. And it’s a little sweeter and more bitter than the regular tonic so the subtleties of a great gin shine through. What goes best with a Gin & Tonic? Seafood and snacks. Paired perfectly for cocktail hour! 


        Say hello to a food and wine lovers dream gift! This sleek, black, reusable corrugated box is loaded with goodies to nosh on over the Holidays, a bing-watching movie marathon, game, bridal shower, honeymoon, or simply a camping excursion. Time to wine down ;) 2 x 750ml bottles of wine (your choice white, red or sweet).  4 x Cheeses. 3 x Meats. 2 x Types of crackers.  1 x bar of artisan chocolate.  1 x nugget of Mayana chocolate.  1 x 8oz jar of fruit preserves.  1 x 4oz jar of mustard.  Brittle.  Caramels.  Denver Chip Company potato chips.      


        Savor this yum! BAM what?! This covers all the good things in life and makes quite the gift. Customization available for allergies or love of a specific cheese! Goodies arrive in a sleek black reusable corrugated box (14" x 9" x 4" dimension). 1 x box Raincoat crackers. 1 x 2oz Underground Meats Saucisson Sec salumi. 1 x 4oz container Marcona Almonds. 1 x 8oz wheel Colorado Mouco Camembert cheese. 1 x 5oz piece Barely Buzzed Beehive Estate cheese. 1 x Chocolate bar. 1 x Jar Preserves.


        This sexy, sleek, black reusable box comes loaded with all the essentials for eating and drinking well.1 x bag of crackers. 1 x 8oz jar of jam. 1 x 4oz jar of mustard. 4 x cheeses. 2 x meats. Brittle. Caramels. 4 x cans or bottles of beer (specify IPA, dark beer, or light styles). 


        Salud! For the love of SPAIN. Exceptionally tender and flavorful octopus. Ossau Iraty, a Pyrenees sheep milk cheese, said to be one of the first cheese ever made, is nutty, robust and full-flavored. Gordal, or the 'Fat One' are incredibly juicy olives with a buttery citrus flavor - one bite and you will be hooked for life. Marconas - The "Queen of Almonds,” are imported from Spain. They are shorter, rounder, softer, and sweeter than the California variety. These blanched Marcona almonds are roasted in olive oil and then sprinkled with sea salt, offering a delicious taste. All packed in a 9" x 9" x 3" sleek, petite, black, reusable, corrugated box!4oz Ossau Iraty Spanish Sheep Milk4 oz Matiz Wild Pulpo Octopus in Spanish olive oil4oz Gordal pitted Spanish olives2oz Marcona Almonds


        You will be transported to a "Higher State" of mind with this 100% Colorado-made gastronomical box. It embodies and includes all things Colorado from the local wheat grown to make Marble Distillery coffee liqueur and Nita Crackers, to the San Juan fruit and mustard, to pork in Elevation Meats Salumi and the cow & goat milks used in the local cheeses. Add Living the Dream Brewery Powder Run ale and be reminded of tasty pow pow skiing in the majestic Rocky Mountains or Lifted Libations elevated cocktails for adventurous enthusiasts. Savor this yum! #shoplocalcolorado*Some things maybe substituted for other Colorado products depending on availability.  *please note by Colorado law, we can not ship alcohol within the State of Colorado. We will are happy to substitute other items for the canned cocktail, beer and coffee liqueur. 

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